Tips for planning the perfect vacation in Belize

Tips for planning the perfect vacation in Belize

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Nature lovers and adventure seekers alike will find something in Belize to their liking with its lush rainforests, diverse natural resources (including amazing Mayan ruin sites), and UNESCO World Heritage Sites like Xunantunich temples, all set against an attractive Caribbean coastline.

One thing’s for sure – if you’re looking for some good old-fashioned fun on the beach, then look no further than this little Central American country! So how does one get started? We’ve compiled 15 fun facts about our beautiful land that will make your decision that much easier. Read here Belize it or not – 15 fun facts about Belize.

 When to go: There are a few things you must know when getting ready to vacation in Belize. Pack your sunscreen and get ready to enjoy a worry-free vacation in Belize! There are several things you must know before going that will help ensure an enjoyable experience. For starters, learn about the local weather so it doesn’t spoil any plans for when tourists arrive on-site eager but unable due heavy rains or scorching suns without warning, like last year’s surprise switch from humid heat waves back down into tropical temperatures at night time just as we were getting comfortable vibes then BAM!!! Here comes rain again with its sweet embrace bringing comfort after days spent hiking through jungles exploring Mayan ruins while wearing only shorts. You can read more about the best times to visit here

Where to stay: The choice of accommodation in Belize can be daunting for visitors. If you are on a budget? Belize caters to all budgets, and adventure goals. If you like to rough it and luxury isn’t important can will find some great accommodation that will tick all the boxes. However if luxury is important to you, Belize does have some of the best resorts in the in the Caribbean and Central America. Stay all-inclusive, self-catering, beachfront or juggle. So many places to choose from. Check out our “How to select the right resort in Belize” blog to help you choose your vacation hotspot.

What to do in Belize: What better way to spend your time in Belize than by exploring all that the country has waiting for you? Whether it be diving into waterfalls or hiking through mountains, there are plenty of options. Our visitors keep coming back so they can see more and more of our beautiful country.  And who doesn’t want an authentic experience?! Here is a list of the “20 top places to visit near Hopkins Village in Belize” that will surely knock your socks off. Take a dive into what all Belize has to offer and do what is of your interest. You can even choose to end the day with a massage to help you rejuvenate or cool off in the cool waters of the resort swimming pool.

Where to dine: There will always be a wide variety of cuisines to choose from in Belize. After all it is a melting pot. You will have the choice of cultural dishes, international cuisines, and even popular fast food. You can be assured that you will taste the flavor of the Caribbean. Into spice? You will and can try some of the hottest pepper sauces that will surely leave your tongue raving. In Belize, the taste of the food blends perfectly with the dining experience. Some places will have tables in the water, some will be over the water, some will be on the beach, some will have drumming, dancing and singing, some will have a jungle vibe, whilst others will simply give you a spectacular view.

Getting around: Belize’s land is something worth exploring. Take an ATV and go into the heart of the jungle, discover hidden gems, and encounter fascinating phenomena such as waterfalls, caves, Maya Ruins, wildlife and much more. Explore the villages or towns on golf carts or even bicycles. The important thing is that you should ‘See Belize your way’. Choose which mode of transportation will best suit you and your family.