See Belize your way!

See Belize your way with Seiri Del Mar

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There are many ways to travel through Belize, and each has its advantages. Jungle adventures, beach adventures, and exploring different places in Belize are all possible with the proper planning and tour operator. Lucky for you, Seiri del Mar have you covered.

A family-friendly adventure would be a road trip through Belize in a comfortable SUV. First, stop at the Sleeping Giant for a short hike and picnic lunch, then continue to explore Maya temples hidden in the jungle.

Consider renting a motorbike and driving to small villages across Belize for something more adventurous. This is a great way to see the country and meet friendly locals. Many locals run their businesses from their homes and welcome tourists to stop by. Carving, jewellery, and even restaurants can all be discovered this way.

Don’t like motorbikes? Well, then grab a bicycle! When you stay with us at Seiri del Mar, our guests can use a bike at their leisure. This is a great way to explore the nearby village – Hopkins. You will just love it. The locals are so friendly, and you will find unique places to grab something to eat or just have a drink. The village has a beautiful church with a warm and welcoming congregation. Opposite the church is the sweetest library, you would ever find, equipped with books, bring books to donate or get your reading materials here for your vacation. You might find an early evening basketball game happening right here in the heart of the community. With a few beers and a pizza from Driftwood (the local pizzeria), your night is complete, and you can hop on your golf cart or bicycle and cycle back to your luxury villa at Seiri del Mar. Have a nightcap, climb into your beautiful, comfortable bed and get rejuvenated, ready to wake up in paradise once again.

For those who want to stay and explore the water, there are many options for tour operators in Belize. Snorkelling, sailing, and fishing are all popular activities. In addition, Seiri del Mar runs its own Explore Belize tour operators, so you know you are in good hands; they will tailor-make your adventure for you.

Explore some remote islands. Seek the manatees, go fishing, go birdwatching. Take a boat to the reef for some snorkelling or perhaps a sunset cruise. There are so many options!

Suppose you are looking for a remote, undiscovered experience across beautiful Belize. If you want to stay on the beach, you don’t get closer than Seiri del Mar, but if you’re going to experience a few nights in the jungle, then the jungle also has some incredible lodges to explore. Do you want to go deep into the jungle – no roads leading to the lodge, you’ll have to hike in – but it’s worth it for the peace and quiet. Spend your days exploring the jungle, going for swims in the nearby river, and relaxing in a hammock with a good book. In the evenings, you can enjoy a meal and share stories around the campfire with your fellow travellers.

Ready for an adventure? Send Seiri del Mar a email and let us help you create a adventure you wont stop talking about.