Hopkins Village fit for a King!  

Hopkins Village fit for a King!

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge made a royal visit to Hopkins Village! The couple was on a tour of Central America, and they made a stop in Belize.

The whole village came to life and was greeted with open arms by the residents of Hopkins Village, who turned out in droves to see them. The village was decked out with Belizean flags, and everyone seemed to be excited about the visit. We at Seiri del Mar were no different. Our very own Ratka had the opportunity to speak to the royals herself. Ratka said Prince William had the most beautiful blue friendly eyes. Kate was wearing a beautiful dress and when Ratka commented, a royal wave was directed at her. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were given a tour of the village, and they got to see firsthand how the people here live. They also had a chance to meet some of the local children, who were thrilled to meet their royal visitors. The couple was very impressed with Hopkins Village, and they said that it was one of the highlights of their trip. They even posed for a few photos with the happy villagers!

Ratka found herself speaking to the media, People magazine to be exact and she was asked what she thought the royal couple’s visit will do for Belize. Ratka said it would bring in more visitors from around the world.

This was a great opportunity for Hopkins Village. The village is already a popular destination for tourists, but this will help to boost its profile even further. Thanks to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Hopkins Village is now on the map!

With so many tours to do in Belize, we did wonder what ones they would take advantage of. I mean Zip lining or water-repelling is after all fit for a king. Our guests love it. 

We were so glad they chose to go on the Chocolate tour, as so many of our guests have been on this tour and enjoyed an afternoon of learning about growing cacao and of course making the actual chocolate with traditional tools. Being taught by the masters of course and you can too. Don’t forget to speak to us about tours, we will arrange it all. 

The couple ended off their visit with a dance with the Garifuna locals and of course Kate taking after her mother in law Diana, and spending time with the children.