Food & Drink


Tastes of Belize

As a country that has an abundant array of tropical fruit, fresh seafood and wonderful vegetables, Belize is the perfect location to experience flavours and sensations that can’t be found anywhere else.

From the most delectable cocktails and drinks to rich and exciting exotic cuisine, this country has something to tantalise even the most adventurous of tastebuds and leave you wanting more. Explore some of our tried and tested local recommendations below.

Rhum Shack Restaurant

Located right next door, this restaurant & lounge offers local entertainment weekly and relaxed beachfront atmosphere.

Kat’s Coffee

It’s a meeting spot and an information centre where you can always find a friendly face to help you out.

Oasis Fitness Gym & Cafe

Oasis Gym offers coffee, wraps and goodies.

Casual Restaurants

Breakfast, lunch and dinner menus highlighting the worldwide roots of the Hopkins community. These restaurants pride themselves in using fresh local ingredients and serve great meals in a casual atmosphere.