Christmas in Belize

Christmas in Belize

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It is almost that time of year. Christmas is on its way. You can clearly feel the cool of the
Christmas breeze as it flows its way in. The days are warm whilst the nights are cool. That is our Belizean way of knowing that Christmas is almost here. Houses are getting freshly coated with paint and decorated with lights and ornaments. This is kind of a tradition in Belize.
Christmas should be more than shopping, cooking and wrapping presents because that is what we usually do for birthday parties, or any other special occasions. Christmas should be more than just a long holiday; it should mean more. After all, it is the gifting season, we should be spreading more than just love and kindness. We should be spreading happiness and joy.

You and your loved ones deserve to spend Christmas is a festive destination like Seiri del Mar where the Belizean Christmas spirit is reflected by the decors, enthusiasm and holiday inner joy we spread to all. A subtropical Christmas should be on your bucket list. Instead of playing in the snow, you can play on the beach and instead of making eggnog, you can make Belizean eggnog called Rum Popo.
Come experience an annual Christmas tree lightning early in December. This annual tradition is done by almost every village and town in Belize. There would be a ceremony, giveaways, entertainment, food and drinks so that everyone has a wonderful time. Every year, each village usually has a toy drive so that the children can receive early Christmas gifts. The smiles on their faces when they see what they’ve gotten are surely priceless.
You too can be a part of this lovely tradition. Come and join us at Seiri Del Mar for the Holidays next time. You will be in for a treat if you decide to spend Christmas in Belize. Getting away for the holidays is surely going to be spectacular. Head on down to Seiri Del Mar to spend the most wonderful Subtropical Christmas in Belize.