Best of Hopkins and the surrounding area package

“The friendliest village in Belize”

This Package is based on a seven-night stay.

  • Enjoy accommodation in our luxury, upmarket seaside villas, featuring a fully equipped kitchen with granite counters, an open plan living/dining area, huge bathrooms, washer and dryer and an entire villa that enjoys central AC.
  • An exciting round-trip transport from Belize City International in a Cessna Caravan puddle jumper to Dangriga where our driver will meet and greet you before a 25-minute ground shuttle home to Seiri Del Mar.
  • Delightful breakfasts will be served at the Rhum Shack (6:30am -10:30am) from the following morning onward.

What to expect:

On Arrival

You will be greeted by our Management and the Seiri Del Mar team who will give you a brief orientation and answer questions that you may have! We know you’re tired from the journey, and so we will have a detailed schedule printed and ready for you showing all your exciting excursions for the upcoming days, with times and explanations. We’ve got your back every step of the way!

Day 1: Rest Day

Wake up when you’re ready knowing nothing is planned for the day, make your way to Rhum Shack for breakfast, and enjoy all the amenities that Seiri Del Mar has to offer. Spend your day sun-bathing, enjoying the beautiful beach, using our kayaks, our paddleboards, or just relaxing in the pool or the hot tub. It’s your day to unwind, breathe, and dedicate to you.

Day 2: Snorkelling

A 30-minute boat ride places you in the swimming-pool waters of our reef, the 2nd largest Barrier Reef in the world, with all the viewing pleasure you can handle of the oceans treasures. Snorkeling is a “must” while visiting Belize. Beautiful sea life and coral; no one wants to miss that!

Day 3: Rest Day

Do you feel like riding a bicycle into the village, stopping for homemade ice cream and exploring some of our amazing traditional restaurants? Go for it, another day dedicated to you! Need some help you with any choices of cuisine, things to go see, or anything else to help you plan the day? Come see us!

Day 4: Garifuna Immersion

While in the Garifuna Village of Hopkins, immerse yourself in their traditions, their deep history and their culture. Follow this history by actively engaging in drumming, wearing their traditional clothing during your tour and preparing a Garifuna meal yourself under instruction like Hadut. This traditional dish is important to Garifuna because it represents their love for the sea and living on the coast. Did you know, you can greet folks in our village in the morning by saying “Beati Benafi” pronounced Beauty Ben Afi…the Garifuna for Good Morning!! And “Thank you” will be “Seremein” pronounced Se-rah-main. How respectful!

Day 5: Marie Sharp’s Tour

Our famous hot sauce factory where you will taste all sauces, jams, jellies and products that have become world famous and are a household name, and indeed, part of EVERY meal in Belize! Short drive to the famous Marie Sharp’s production facility. There you’ll see the inner workings of Belize’s most famous export. You’ll see how raw habanero, carrot, and other ingredients are transformed into the legendary hot sauce, as well as jams, sweet and sour sauce, and the squash concentrates that make up many of the tropical drinks here in Belize. Hot tour this one!

Day 6: Rest Day

Your last day in paradise for now! A day to grab your souvenirs for loved ones who are waiting at home, take a swim… and enjoy the Caribbean breeze!

Day 7: Departure

Our driver will make sure you are safe and on time for your return home.  Until we see you again, safe journey.



Occupancy for Period
Two Persons
Four Persons
Six Persons

1st August-31st October

1st February- 31st July

1st November-31st January

US$ 3580.00

US$ 4050.00

US$ 4285.00

US$ 5720.00

US$ 6190.00

US$ 6425.00

US$ 7660.00

US$ 8110.00

US$ 8340.00

2 Persons – US$ 3580.00 
4 Persons – US$ 5720.00
6 Persons –
US$ 7660.00 

2 Persons – US$ 4050.00 
4 Persons – US$ 6190.00
6 Persons –
US$ 8110.00 

2 Persons – US$ 4285.00 
4 Persons – US$ 6425.00
6 Persons –
US$ 8340.00